Renewable Energies

Renewable energies every day are taking a more important in our lives, because without them there will reach a sustainable development, because the politics of "anything goes" is no longer possible to implement it.
The energy availability of renewable energy sources is higher than conventional energy sources, however, its use is limited.
The development of technology, increasing social demand and environmental issues are driving greater use of energy sources from renewable sources in recent years.


  • Biomass combustion process does not release extra CO2 into the atmosphere as with fossil fuels.
  • The price of biomass is lower than that of fossil fuels, which is already a big savings and fast payback ...
  • Independence
  • fuel because in the same boiler can burn any biomass, pellets, chips, nut shells, olive pits, and so on. Given the choice at any time most convenient supplier.
  • Biomass is created locally, which helps create jobs.
  • contributes significantly to the maintenance of woodland, as this becomes profitable, helping to reduce forest fires ...
  • allows the use of agricultural residues and wood industry, paper ...
  • Subsidized by public bodies Biomass energy is one of the most promoted by the new renewable energy scheme.

Solar Thermal Energy

An installation of solar hot water, consists of:
  • A collection system consists of one or more transducers that convert solar radiation into thermal energy so that it heats the working fluid containing those.
  • A system consists of an accumulation tank that stores hot water until needed use.
  • A system of exchange that makes the transfer of thermal energy captured from the collector circuit or primary circuit, the hot water is consumed.
  • A hydraulic circuit consisting of pipes, pumps, valves, etc.., Which is responsible for driving the movement of hot fluid from the intake system to system down towards the acumulacióny consumer network.
  • A control system that fundamentally regulacióny is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of equipment to provide adequate hot water service and take the maximum possible solar energy. On the other hand, may incorporate various aspects of facility security.
  • Additionally, teams often have an auxiliary power system is used to supplement the solar input provides energy to meet forecast demand to ensure the continuing supply of hot water in case of low solar radiation consumption higher than expected.
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